Zurfluh Lebatteux Sizaire

& Associés

s.c.p. d'avocats

40 ans de pratique du Droit Immobilier


The law firm « ZURFLUH LEBATTEUX SIZAIRE ET ASSOCIES » was created in 1947 and specialised exclusively, and from the start, in Property law.

The firm now counts 17 lawyers, 7 of them being partners, as well as 10 employees.

Its partners have a strong reputation in their particular fields, they regularly publish books or articles and participate actively in professional training (lawyers, solicitors, magistrates) and in university education (ICH, PARIS II).

The associate lawyers have had university training in Property law or have obtained a ‘specialty’ in Property law of the Barreau de Paris and have had several years of experience in that field, often within the same firm.


The firm is organised in departments, one for each of the fields it deals with, each department being the responsibility of a Partner, assisted by several associates.

To ensure the best possible monitoring of the case files, every client will be informed of the identity of the Partner in charge of the file at the beginning of the procedure, according to the relevant field, and of that of the associate who will second him in the treatment of the file.


The firm’s clientele is essentially composed of institutionals: property developers, contractors or producers, public establishments, banking establishments, investors, managers and administrators of goods, asset managers.

The firm also acts for co-owners associations and individuals.

Material Resources

Computerized management of the files on a network

Double back-up of the server and safeguarding of the computerized data

 Color reprography and scanner

 Intranet, Extranet and downloading platform for sizeable documents

 Outlook exchange (individual e-mail: name.surname@zurfluh-lebatteux.fr)

 RPVA Access (Réseau Privé Virtuel des Avocats – lawyer’s private virtuel network)

 Reception via telephone from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm

 Library: books and magazines (JCP et JCP.N, Dalloz, Loyers et Copropriété, Revue des Loyers, Lamy, A.J.D.I, R.D.I, permanent dictionaries).

 Collection of computerized documents (LexisNexis)



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